What is Buddyfied: a brief introduction to the site

What is Buddyfied?

We’ve all been there – you get a new game that none of your friends play. You can either go through the game in solitude, or struggle with the often uncommunicative, and sometimes incredibly unhelpful, world that is playing with randomly matched people. Buddyfied can help you find the perfect person to join you in battle; whether you’re looking for someone to help you conquer a co-op story, best other people in competitive multiplayer, or simply discuss single player strategy.

Quick Search & Advanced Search

When you signed up to the site, you entered your ‘Gaming details’ – a selection of what, when, where and how you play video games. Other users can be matched with you based on that information. You can either wait for someone to find you, or you can actively look for other players by using the search function. If you’re not able to find anyone who matches your specific criteria, you will be prompted to save your search for later. You can toggle different saved searches on and off by visiting your matched buddies.

Previously Known As

The ‘Previously Known As’ field is a specialist section of the Advanced Search. You can use this to find people who used to go by a different name at one point or another in their gaming history. For example, you might be trying to find someone from your old World or Warcraft guild, or perhaps a friend you lost contact with has changed their Xbox Live name? Searching the ‘Previously Known As’ field for their old name could help you get back in touch.

Live Stream

Once you’ve logged in, you will have access to Buddyfied’s Live Stream. This is a real time stream that displays the activity of every user on the site, whether or not you are friends with them. Uploading a video, photo or updating your status will create a new item on the stream. By default all new updates are displayed on the stream – however, you can stop your posts from being displayed by selecting ‘My Friends’ in the privacy drop-down box. Similarly, you can filter the feed to only show updates from Friends, Groups or mentions.

Photos & Videos

You can easily upload videos and photos to your profile or group. Photos and Videos can be set to various levels of privacy; visible to everyone, logged in users only, friends only, Buddyfied staff only, or only to you. Photos are uploaded directly to the site. Videos are embedded via YouTube, however the ratings and comments on videos are unique to Buddyfied and are not part of YouTube’s comment and rating system.


Create a group and invite friends to join you. People can, depending on the Privacy level of the group, find and request to join your group via the Group Directory Search. Staff within the group can arrange group events via the Group Calendar. Photos and Videos can also be uploaded by the members of the group, depending on the group’s settings.

If you have any questions or suggestion, please email admin@buddyfied.com

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