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    • I like zed…you know who else likes zed..Bjergsen…so I=Bjergsen

    • I prefer Faker when it comes to Zed plays. I myself however used to main Zed like mad. At this current moment I play him every now and than but he is still my favorite champion in the League.

    • O of course Faker is a god! However I must support Na so i give hype to Bjergsen>Faker. The thing I love about Zed is his high skill high reward factor. Recently I also have strayed away from him and have ventured into jungle and some Lb mid :p

    • Ever try running Smite on LB mid? It’s rather fun, you can counter jungle the enemy jungler easier at the start of the game by starting w. With good timing, and knowledge of what you are doing you can also steal dragons/barons easily. That and the smite on mid lane isn’t something the enemy tends to expect.

    • Hmm I haven’t done that, but I now want to. The only problem I could see occurring is the lack of kill potential early on without smite :/

    • It really isn’t something essentially, besides, with smiting the enemy’s blue buff at start it leaves a much larger kill potential early on due to the ability to spam abilitys. You just have to get in and get out of that jungle alive. Then you are set to go.

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