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    Who wants to start a sunday game? We would play for a few hours on sunday every week

    • I’d be down like Charlie Brown. Any ideas for mods/dlc?

    • I’m a newbie to the game, still trying to understand it all. I’d be interested in multiplayer if you’re up for a lot of coaching.

      • Yeah, man I’d have no problem with that. Join us!

        • I’m not sure how multiplayer works. I’m probably available most Sunday nights (7:00 pm+ PST) for a few hours. What happens if one player’s not around – can the others still play through?

          • Also, I have no DLC, but would be willing to purchase one or two. Preferably after we’d played a bit.

            • I think that only the host needs the DLC and then everyone who joins the game can play with it as well, so you wouldn’t need to get it yet. I’d recommend The Old Gods and Legacy of Rome though if you do get some.

        • So, how do I join your game? What time are you playing?

    • I am interested, as well.

    • What time, then? I suggest around 16:00 EST, unless someone in Europe wants to join us, then it would have to be earlier.

      • thedspeared and I were talking about 2 PM/14:00 EST, does that work for you or is that too early

        • 14:00 EST is fine by me. I have the same DLCs as thedspeared. Note I have never played multiplayer CK2, though. But I have some MP experience with EUIV — should be about the same, right?

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