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    Hi guys. So i’m pretty new on LoL, recently hit lvl 30 (but didn’t begun ranked) and I would just play some games with other player and share some good experience in normal games before go in ranked :) I’m main jungler but can pretty mutch fill everywhere, so don’t hesitate to add me IG : ”PygmaLion”.

    Oh yes, and btw :

    • Just a tip, since you just hit lvl30, make sure to :
      -Complete your runes (at least 2 pages)
      -Try to main at least one champ for each lane
      -And don’t flame :D

      • Thank you for the tips !
        I already completed 2 runes page (a ”ADC Classic” and one for Jungle) and try all sort of champions in junle, but I main Vi, Aatrox and Evelynn :) I’m new but i really enjoy ”learning” the game and I think a get the basics !

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