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    Killed a guy and his girlfriend on DayZ they were both full kitted and she was screaming when I was hitting her with an axe and I feel terrible now but I then went on to the airfield where I found an M4 with a 40 round clip and killed 3 guys in the Air Tower and I have about 200 Mosin ammo but no Mosin. Problems. Someone come play?
    • you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a bandit, nice catch man

    • I try my hardest not to kill people but like the past few times I’ve been inland and people have just shot me on sight so ran to city in the top right of the map and she was in a corner and she started screaming and calling for help and her boyfriend tried to shoot me and he ran inside the police station and started reloading and I ran after him and hit him a few times and took his gun and then shot her and he started giving me abuse. It’s tough man I shouldn’t have I probably should have just let them be. Trying not to have a conscious in this game is hard. I found a blokes m4 while 3 people were having a gun fight and killed all 3 of them that I do not feel bad for. I just wish I had people to play with but thank you <3

    • Hey, its do or die out there, if her boyfriend shot first, you didnt do anything wrong. i bought Dayz recently, but havent touched it yet, i can PM my steam id if you want and we can play sometime

    • True true and sure man :’)

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