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    Wish this would let me add a new game E-Sim Suna !!!

    E-Sim Suna is a battle simulation browser based game. I have been playing it for a couple of months now and having never really played many online games it is amazing !!

    It has various angles you can approach the game from like :

    1) Fighting for your country in battles
    2) Owning and running a business
    3) Running a political party or even standing for Congress or President
    4) Create your own Military Unit, collect fighters, and fight as a unit therefore causing much more damage and winning more battles

    The game is totally free if you want it to be. In the early stages of the game you are given Gold for progress you make, However you can never have too much Gold to help you progress faster !!!

    If you sign up using my link then when you reach level 7 (2-3 days maximum playing) then you (and me) get some bonus Gold so we are both winners already !!!

    Hope to see you on E-Sim Suna soon !!!!

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