How To

Edit your Gaming Details: Profile -> Edit -> Change the relevant options by typing/select from drop-down boxes.

Change your Profile Picture:  Profile -> Hover over and click on your existing Profile Picture

Change your Banner Image: Profile -> Hover over and click on your existing Banner Picture -> Follow on-screen instructions

Upload a Picture: Profile -> Photos -> Upload -> Follow on-screen instructions

How to create an Album: Profile -> Photos -> Options -> Add Album

Upload a Video: Profile -> Videos -> Upload Video -> Follow on-screen instructions

Save a Search:  Create Search -> Click Find -> Click Yes

Edit a Saved Search:  Matched Buddies -> Hover over previously Saved Search -> Click Edit

Join a  Group: Groups Directory -> Join Group (or receive a Group Invite from a Group Owner)

Create a Group: Groups Directory -> Create Group -> Follow on-screen instructions

Edit Group Information: Be the group Admin -> Admin -> Extras -> Add Field -> [then add fields like Mumble: or Teamspeak:]. Now add the field values by going to Admin -> Extras -> General -> [enter values into the newly created fields and click Save Changes].

Add a Custom page to your Group:  Be the group Admin -> Admin -> Extras -> Add Page -> [then create the page].

Post something to the Live Stream: All posts (updates, uploads, group joinings or board messages) are posted on the Live Stream by default. 

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