What is Buddyfied?

Buddyfied is a great way to find new people to play online games with. You can search for players based on your location, what games you play, and when you can play, as well as more advanced search options. You can also upload photos and videos, join and create clubs, and stay connected with old friends. How do you find other people? You enter your current ‘gaming details’, e.g. the game you’re playing, when you’re playing it, and what you’re looking to achieve by playing it. From there, you have two options:

  1. Wait for people to find you based on the details you entered.
  2. Actively search for players using the details they entered.

It’s pretty simple and easy to use. If your search yields no results (because its incredibly specific for example), you can save it for future use. One cool feature of the search function is the ‘Previously Known As’ search. You can add any username you used to use on different platforms or games. Other users can then search for those usernames in the ‘Previously Known As’ field. Hopefully people will be able to track down old buddies they have since lost contact with.

What else can you do on the site?

Everything you’d expect from a social network type site – add friends, upload videos/photos, create/comment on posts, and create/join clubs.

What is the Live Stream?

Once you’ve logged in, you will have access to Buddyfied’s Live Stream on the homepage. This is a real time stream that displays the activity of every user on the site, whether or not you are friends with them. Uploading a video, photo or updating your status will create a new item on the stream. By default all new updates are displayed on the stream – however, you can stop your posts from being displayed by selecting ‘Friends Only’ in the privacy drop-down box. Similarly, you can filter the feed to only show updates from Friends, Groups or personal mentions.

How do I get in touch?

Email us at admin@buddyfied.com or on Twitter.

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