Buddyfied Changelog – Groups & Announcements

Below is a list of changes that have been made to Buddyfied. Please note, you may need to clear your cache in order to see some of the changes.

Bug Fixes - various reported bugs have been fixed.

Announcements - Site-wide announcements have been implemented. They are located above the Live Stream. Old notices can be viewed by going to Inbox -> Notices. 

Group Information - Group Admins can now add additional information about the group. The additional information, that I assume will contains things like Mumble/Teamspeak channels, can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Group Information’ tab in the top right corner of the Group Board.

Admins can add/change this information by going to Admin -> Extras -> Add Field -> [then add fields like Mumble: or Teamspeak:]. Once you have created your fields, you can add the field values by going to Admin -> Extras -> General -> [enter values into the newly created fields and click Save Changes].

Group Pages - Group Admins can now create separate pages that appear in the Group’s main navigation menu, i.e. along Home – Events – Members. Admins can create a page by going to Admin -> Extras -> Add Page -> [then create the page]. Please note, the body text areas of these pages support ‘standard’ HTML tags like <strong>, <em>, <img src=>, <li> etc. Code tags are available above the body text area if you are not familiar with HTML.

The title of the page that appears in the Group’s main navigation bar can be changed by going to Admin -> Extras -> General -> Please specify the page name -> [change the name of the page click Save Changes].

More improvements/additional features will be made over the coming weeks.