Buddyfied Changelog – 20/2/14

Below is a list of changes that have been made to Buddyfied. Please note, you may need to clear your cache in order to see some of the changes.

Game Suggestions – You can now suggest a game if you think one is missing from the games list. Simply click the ‘Not there?’ button above any ‘Playing?’ fields and submit the name of the game you believe is missing.

Editing Profile & Banners Pictures - You can edit your Profile and Banner Picture by clicking on them on your Profile page.

Live Stream Content - All new member and friend notifications have been removed from the Live Stream. The Live Stream now only displays Group updates and User updates.

Existing Members Search – You can search for existing members by name on the Members Directory page.

Matched Buddies Links – User profiles can be opened by clicking on their name on the Matched Buddies page. This is useful if you want to open a large number of profiles using Right Click -> Open In New Tab or Middle Clicking.

Additional Comments - You can add additional information about yourself, on the game you want to play, on the Edit Profile page. The additional comments are display on theĀ Matched Buddies page.

Videos Order – Videos are now displayed by Newest -> Oldest by default. If you click on the Day, Week, Month or All buttons on the Videos page it will display videos by Highest Rated -> Lowest Rated, within the selected time frame.

Joining Groups – You can now join Groups either via the Groups Directory page or on the Group’s page itself using the ‘Join Group’ button underneath the Group’s Profile Picture.