Welcome to Buddyfied!

Buddyfied is a great way to find new people to play online games with. You can search for players based on your location, what games you play, and when you can play. You can also upload photos and videos, join and create clubs, and stay connected with old friends.

About us
Find an online buddy based on common interests and goals. Run multiple searches to find different players for different games.
Add friends and keep them up to date with your gaming accolades. Share videos and photos with your friends, or the community.
Let your thoughts be heard by the entire community with the Live Stream. Follow the latest gaming news live from your home page.
Upload, watch, rate and comment on videos. Search by category, genre or tags. Keep up-to-date with the most popular videos!
Create clubs and recruit people with similar interests. Organize events and play casually with your club or compete against other clubs.